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A brief history

  is a center of research in diverse aspects of mathematics and its applications.  The center aims to create an environment which encourages interaction of researchers by providing adequate space, time and services. One of the aims is to promote interdisciplinary research based on mathematics.


Although independently administrated, particular collaborative ties exist with the Boğaziçi University where the center is located.


The center has no formal curriculum, degree programs. Nevertheless, it aims to contribute to the development of young scientists through graduate seminars and postdoctoral training. Also, one of its purposes is to raise the public awareness for mathematical research.


Resources of   come from endowment income, grants and collaboration agreements with public and private institutions and gifts from corporations and individuals. Funding for researchers is provided from a variety of sources such as the center itself, home institutions or grants from collaborating research centers and universities.


  is governed administratively by two committees.

 – Boğaziçi University South Campus 34342 Bebek – Istanbul, Turkey